Wood Fencing is classic. It's economical construction and value can't be beat. Provides Beauty, Privacy and Protection to your back yard.

Our professional crews make dramatic improvements on properties every day!
Common Types of Wood Fence

Board on Board - The board on board construction of this fence panel provides complete privacy and is built very sturdy. This is an excellent choice for wood fencing.
Stockade Style Fence Panel - The stockade panel has pickets mounted side by side rather than one on top of another as the board on board above. It is lighter as it has fewer pickets attached and is more economical for the same reason.
4 ft Stockade Style - This cute fence is often installed in areas where you want to enclose a yard but don't want to lose any of your view. Great for front yards and small dog runs.
3.5 x 8 ft Picket - This decorative fence is great for front yards, garden spaces and many other creative uses. As with all wood fences it can be stained or painted.
Horizontal Custom Fence - These custom built fences are built on site piece by piece. It takes true craftmanship to put together one of these beauties. These fences are setting the trend and will make you the envy of the neighborhood.